Our Vision

The factors for making cloud resource decisions are intimately tied to the business - probabilistic, complex, and changing rapidly. As your infrastructure demands fluctuate and grow, we recognize increased challenges in making those cloud resource decisions. How do you keep your business objectives in mind? How do you process the flood of data? How do you reduce time, effort, and costs to manage cloud resources?

We are revolutionizing how businesses run in the cloud. We designed and built Compute Software to be the first platform to maximize business value from your cloud usage, to bring ultimate simplicity to infrastructure resource choices, and to work instantly.

Team Experience

Our team includes decision science and ML experts, and builders and operators of web-scale infrastructures.


CEO & Co-Founder


CTO & Co-Founder


Chief Software Architect &


Sr Developer &

Come Work With Us

We’re looking for awesome people who want to revolutionize the way decisions are made in cloud computing.

Full Stack Engineer (Clojure / ClojureScript)

Mountain View, CA
Are you a strong problem-solving engineer, always ready to take on the next cutting-edge technology? Then you’ll be a great fit with our team! You will be developing a product from the ground up. This involves building the UI, developing the backend to service that UI, creating Onyx jobs, and anything and everything else we need to get our product into production.

DevOps Engineer

Mountain View, CA
We’re looking for an experienced and enthusiastic DevOps Engineer, who will collaborate with teammates on unique challenges at scale. You will evaluate and implement a software deployment strategy, test automation, and infrastructure operations, for a highly available, fault tolerant system.

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