Optimizing Amazon WorkSpaces

Reduce your Amazon WorkSpaces costs by up to 50%

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Our enterprise-ready SaaS solution saves time and costs.

Lower Costs Drastically

Save on AWS costs and spend less time waiting

Valuable Insight Into Users

Get real-time insights into your users’ usage patterns

Our Solution Manages For You

Stay optimized whenever AWS changes pricing or other capabilities

Smart Recommendations

  • Each user’s pricing method is set based on Machine Learning of their behavior, and balances AWS costs against loading and login time
  • Rightsize bundle options
  • Receive recommendations to terminate unused or rarely-used workspaces

Real-time Insights

  • Learn about user behavior, including how much total time users are waiting, when your users log in, how long they stay logged in, and when they are active
  • See a real-time breakdown of user costs

Automated Service

  • Workspaces on Hourly Pricing are automatically stopped right before the next billing hour to save wasted dollars
  • Each user’s pricing method is continuously monitored and automatically changed at the right moment
  • AWS often changes pricing and other aspects. Automatically stay up to date

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