Creating AWS Billing Reports

Set up Billing Reports for us to ingest cost and usage data (read-only) for each AWS payer account. Estimated completion time: 5 minutes.


  1. Navigate to the Billing Dashboard, select Cost & Usage Reports, and click Create Report. AWS Billing Step 1

  2. Name your report and select both boxes below. Click Next. AWS Billing Step 2

  3. Click Configure and select an existing S3 bucket or create a new S3 bucket where you would like to store your reports. AWS Billing Step 3

  4. Please email the S3 bucket name and any prefix used to

  5. Select "Hourly" for the time granularity option and select "Overwrite existing report" for the report versioning option. Leave all other settings as default - please keep the compression type as "GZIP". Click Next to land on the review screen. Click Review and Complete. AWS Billing Step 5

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