Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Integration

To onboard with Compute Software, we will create two members: a service account and a user account. Total completion time: approximately 5-10 minutes.

Service Account

The service account is used to provide the Compute Software Platform access to your GCP. The below steps will walk you through creating a service account and assigning the Project Viewer role.


  1. Navigate to the Create service account page. Ensure the correct project is selected. Input a service account name and an optional description. Click "Create". GCP Integration Service Step 1
  2. Select Project > Viewer to provide read only access to your project. Click "Continue".GCP Integration Service Step 2
  3. Nothing is needed on the "Grant users access to this service account" step. Click "Done".
  4. This service account has now been created and will be viewable in the Service account page. Click the action icon button and select "Create key".GCP Integration Service Step 4
  5. Ensure JSON is selected and click "Create".GCP Integration Service Step 5
  6. Send the downloaded JSON file to the Compute Software team.

User Account

The user account is used to provide Compute Software access to your GCP Console. The below steps will give read only access to your GCP.


  1. Navigate to the IAM home page in GCP. At the top of the page, click the Add button.GCP Integration User Step 1
  2. For "New members", input For "Role", select the Project > Viewer role. Click "Save".GCP Integration User Step 2