Review and Manage Action Items

In the Action Items tab, you will find your action items prioritized by Net Value. Start from the top of the list to work on the highest value action items.

Each action item has a Status and an Action Type. The Status of an item allows you to track which items are “Open,” “In Progress,” and “Resolved.” The Action Type indicates what needs to be done (e.g., Terminate, Rightsize) to have your workload run optimally.

Manage Action Items

Update the Status of an Action Item

Once you select an action item, an overlay will appear and you will see a list of Tasks. You may choose Task #1 or an Alternative Task to work on. Once you have chosen a Task, you may change the status of that Task to reflect your workflow.

(If you do not wish to execute any Tasks, you may leave the status of all Tasks “Open.” Leaving all Tasks “Open” will allow the action item to remain in your Action Items list and for the associated cloud resource to continually be evaluated for Tasks).

The Status indicator at the top of the action item overlay allows you to track your action item's progress at a glance.

Update Status

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Select an action item from the Action Items section. You will see an overlay appear.
  2. Choose a Task for your resource. If you choose to do nothing, you may leave all Tasks “Open” and you will receive new Tasks for the resource when they are available.
  3. Update the status of the Task to “In Progress” or “Resolved.”
  4. Click Save.

Helpful tips: If a Task is “In Progress” and you would like to revisit another Task, you must first change the Task marked as ”In Progress” back to ”Open.”

Once a Task's status has been changed to “Resolved,” you will only be able to reference details of the action item in the Activity Log section.

Note: If you choose to terminate or rightsize a resource, you should resolve the Task before executing the change with your cloud provider. Once a resource is terminated, we are no longer able to detect the resource. Resolving the Task in advance will ensure proper tracking of your activity.

Get Started