The Insights section provides trends and insights over time into your:

  • Cloud costs (provider, performance, and engineering costs) 
  • Cloud costs and savings from Resolved and Unresolved Action Items
  • % Optimal
  • Resource counts

Note: you will need to enable insights for a view in order to see data for a particular view. Navigate to the Views page under Settings to Enable Insights for a view.

Cloud Cost

The Cloud Cost chart is an estimate of your cloud costs (i.e., sum of provider cost and performance cost) over the window of time selected.

Note: Data for this chart is projected and annualized at the time and resembles your bill, but is not based on your bill. Data is based on your analyzed and unanalyzed cloud resource usage, provider pricing APIs, and the discounts allocated by our algorithms. This chart is useful for seeing trends, and when including discounts, for comparing the optimal cloud cost.

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Resolved Action Items

This section displays charts of your cumulative cloud cost savings, engineering costs, and action item count for resolved action items as calculated at the time of resolution.

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Unresolved Action Items

This section displays charts of % optimal, unrealized net value, and action item count for unresolved action items with a positive net value that have been resolved.

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Resource Count

This chart displays the average number of resources that exist over the time period selected.

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