Key Metrics

Key metrics used across the Compute Software platform ensure your business objectives, performance objectives, and engineering efforts are directly considered.

Key Metrics and Definitions

% Optimal Your Optimal Cloud Cost divided by your Current Cloud Cost._ % Optimalis an indicator of how you are running today, and provides a tangible goal for what you can achieve.

Cloud Cost Effective Provider Cost plus Performance Cost. Note: Current Cloud Cost is calculated with Compute Software’s optimal assignment of discounts.

Cloud Cost Savings Effective Provider Cost Savings plus Performance Cost Savings.

Engineering Cost Cost attributable to performing a task, like validating the task or resolving the task. Currently, Resolution Cost is the only supported Engineering Cost.

Net Value The annualized Cloud Cost Savings (Effective Provider Cost Savings plus Performance Cost Savings) from resolving an action item.

Performance Cost Cost attributable to non-perfect performance of your workloads and cloud resources. These costs are used to balance against provider costs for receiving optimal recommendations. The performance costs are based on the Business Criticality setting you choose and a resource’s utilization metrics (CPU, GPU, memory, storage, network, etc).

Provider Cost Cost attributable to the cloud provider, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Effective Provider Cost Cost attributable to the cloud provider, net of any discounts or reservations.

Resolution Cost A type of Engineering Cost that is attributable to resolving a task.