Customizing Optimizations through Property Groups

Dashboard metrics, insights, action items, and optimization recommendations (i.e., tasks) are based on projections of provider costs, performance costs, and engineering costs. The optimizations are entirely customizable to ensure your business objectives, performance objectives, and Engineering efforts are directly considered.

You can create a Property Group by account, tags, region, VPC, resource kind, resource ID, or any manner in which a group of resources can be identified. A Property Group contains a set of properties that would be applied to the optimization recommendations (i.e., tasks) for that Group. Below are the Property Groups that can be applied. You may also request any other Property Groups you would like.

To set up Property Groups, complete the Property Groups Template provided to you during onboarding.

1. Business Criticality

  • Highly Critical
  • Critical
  • Less Critical

2. Workload Constraints

  • CPU, Memory, IOPs, Network Bounds
  • ARM-Based Processor, Virtualization Types
  • Instance Types or Families

3. Data Collection

  • Minimum Resource Age
  • Minimum Consecutive Metric Duration
  • Maximum Observation Period

4. Exclusions - exclude any resources and metrics from analysis on the Compute Software Platform