The Resources section provides an overview of all resources and discounts found in your cloud provider accounts. Discounts include commitments and savings plans.

Resources Overview

At the top of the Resources overview section, you will find the Total Resource Count. These are the resources that are running across all of your accounts for the services currently being supported by the platform. Below Total Resource Count, you can see a breakdown of counts by Service, Service Kind, Service State, and Tagging.

You will also find a histogram of Resource Count by Age.

Resource Overview

Resources Inventory Table

If you navigate to the "Inventory" tab, you will find the Resources table. There are three different Resource States: Analyzed, Actions Disabled, and Unanalyzable.

Analyzed means that the resource is included in all metrics and analyses for action items.

Actions Disabled means that the resource is included in metrics, except for % Optimal, and excluded from analyses for action items.

Unanalyzable means that the resource is not yet included or analyzed due to its Properties.

Click on a resource in the table to see detailed resource information.

Resource Inventory Table


In the Resources Inventory table, you can filter for the current discounts we have detected from your cloud provider accounts. These discounts include commitments and savings plans.

From the Filters menu, click on the Service Kind category and select the value "Discount."

Resource Discounts