Enabling Okta SSO

You can easily access Compute Software by adding the application to your Okta SSO. You must have an Okta account to add Compute Software to your Okta SSO.

1. Login to the Okta admin dashboard.

2. Select "Admin" and navigate to the Applications page. On the Applications page, click on “Create App Integration.”

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3. On the Create a new app integration page, select the following options:

  • Sign-on method: "OIDC - Open ID Connect"
  • Application type: "Web Application"

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4. Click Next and you will be directed to the New Web App Integration page. 

5. On the New Web App Integration page, enter and select the following values:

  • App integration name: Compute Software
  • You may upload the Compute Software logo, which can be found here.
  • Grant type: select both "Authorization Code" and "Refresh Token"
  • Add the following Sign-in redirect URI: https://login.computesoftware.com/login/callback
  • Add the following Sign-out redirect URI: https://login.computesoftware.com/logout/callback

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6. Click "Save."

7. On the Compute Software app page, copy the values for "Client ID," "Client secret", Okta domain and the authorization server id if a custom authorization server is used.

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8. Send the three values using the public GPG key to access@computesoftware.com.

Once we receive your information, you can expect a reply confirmation within 1-2 business days of your organization being SSO enabled, and every user can sign in to Compute Software using SSO.