Google Cloud Integration

To integrate with Compute Software, complete Parts 1 and 2 below to set up your projects and provide billing account access.

Part 1: Create a Service Account and Set Up a Project in Compute Software

The service account is used to provide the Compute Software Platform access to your GCP project. The below steps will walk you through creating a service account and assigning the Project Viewer role.


  1. Navigate to the Create service account page. Ensure the correct project is selected. Input a service account name and an optional description. Click "Create". Image Name

  2. Select Project > Viewer to provide read only access to your project. Click "Continue". Image Name

  3. Nothing is needed on the "Grant users access to this service account" step. Click "Done".

  4. This service account has now been created and will be viewable in the Service account page. Click the action icon button and select "Create key". Image Name

  5. Ensure JSON is selected and click "Create". Image Name

  6. Once you have a user account for the Compute Software platform, follow these steps to upload each JSON file to Compute Software.

    • Login to
    • Navigate to Settings -> Integrations
    • Click on “GCP” in the table
    • Click on the Add Integration button
    • Enter the GCP Project name or a name of your choosing in the "Integration Name" field
    • Select “GCP” from the dropdown
    • Upload the JSON file

Core Permissions

If you are not comfortable granting all permissions, at a minimum, your IAM permission needs to allow the following actions:

GCP Permission Description
compute.commitments.list Lists Compute Engine commitments.
cloudsql.instances.list Lists Cloud SQL instances in a given project.
compute.disks.list Lists Google Compute Engine disks.
compute.diskTypes.list Retrieves a list of disk types available to the specified project.
compute.instances.list Retrieves the list of instances contained within the specified zone.
compute.machineTypes.list Retrieves a list of machine types available to the specified project.
compute.zones.list Retrieves the list of Zone resources available to the specified project.
monitoring.timeSeries.list Lists time series that match a filter. This method does not require a Workspace.

Part 2: Add Principal with Billing Account Viewer Access

Set up Google Cloud Billing access for Compute Software to read billing data (read-only) for your projects, including your committed use discounts and committed use discount configurations.

These steps will give read-only access to your GCP billing account.


  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud Console.

  2. Open the navigation menu and navigate to the Billing section.

  3. If you have more than one Cloud Billing account, do one of the following: a) To provide Cloud Billing access for the current project, select "Go to linked billing account." b) To locate a different Cloud Billing account, select "Manage billing accounts" and then choose the account that you want to provide access to.

  4. In the Billing navigation menu, click "Account management."

  5. Use the Permissions panel to edit permissions for the selected Cloud Billing account. If the panel isn't already visible, click "Show Info Panel" to open it.

  6. Click Add Principal.

  7. In the "New principals" field, enter

  8. From the "Select a role" dropdown, select the "Billing Account Viewer" permission.

  9. Click Save.