Kubernetes Environments


Compute Software integrates with Kubecost to provide Kubernetes cost allocation, reporting, and optimizations. Any Kubernetes environment is supported (Azure, AWS, GCP, self-hosted, on-prem). We do not support air-gapped environments.


To integrate Kubecost, you must install Kubecost into your Kubernetes clusters, expose the Kubecost API publicly, and setup the integration in the Compute Software platform.

1. Install Kubecost

Kubecost is deployed onto your clusters. It will collect and expose data that powers the Compute Software integration. To install Kubecost, reference Kubecost's document on Installing Kubecost.

2. Enable Ingress

Compute Software directly interfaces with the Kubecost API. By default, the Kubecost API will only be available within your cluster's network, so it must be publicly exposed, in some manner, for the Compute Software platform to access.

Kubecost exposes API access on port 9090 on the kubecost-cost-analyzer pod. Exposing the Kubecost API can be done in many different methods. We recommend taking the path your organization already uses to expose the Kubecost API.

For example Ingress implementations, reference the Kubecost documentation on Ingress Examples.

3. Configure the Integration

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations in the Compute Software platform.

  2. Click Add Integration.

  3. In the "Add New Integration" modal, input an Integration Name and select Kubecost for the source.

    Image Name

  4. Paste the publicly available Kubecost API endpoint in the "API Endpoint."

  5. Click Add Integration.

  6. Contact support@computesoftware.com to enable authentication for your Kubecost integration.

  7. The Kubernetes integration will now be available in the header.

    Image Name