Managing Integrations

The Integrations section allows you to:

  • Add new cloud provider and data integrations to the platform
  • Include your organization or enterprise-wide global discount
  • Enable or disable your organization and account level discount sharing settings
  • Enable or disable monitoring of the resources in your accounts

Integrations Section

If you navigate to the Integrations section in Settings, you will see each provider supported as well as the number of integrations created. When you click on a table row, you will navigate to the Integration provider page where you will see all of the accounts set up for that provider.

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Integration Provider Page

Each integration provider may have custom elements and configuration details. If you click on the Add New Integration button, a modal will open with the inputs required to create the specific integration. For more details on a specific integration and to edit applicable fields, you can click on an integration name from the table below to go to the Edit Integration Page.

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Edit Integration Page

The Edit Integration Page shows information about a particular account. You may edit any of the integration fields that are applicable underneath the read-only information.

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For customers of AWS, you can enable the “Auto Discover New Accounts” toggle to ensure that your organization’s newly added AWS accounts are auto-discovered by the platform.

To ensure permissions are correctly made so that the status of an integration with your AWS account(s) is Healthy, make sure to add the Compute Software CloudFormation template to your accounts or add the role created from the Compute Software Terraform module.

To update the status of your integration when it is Invalid, click on the Invalid icon to re-validate your integration.