Microsoft Azure Integration


1. Log in to your Azure console and go to Azure's Active Directory service.

2. In Azure's Active Directory service click on App registrations.

3. Click New Registration.

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4. Give the application a name. No need to specify a "Redirect URI." Click Register.

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5. Once your application is ready, copy the Application ID (client ID) and save it.

6. Inside the created app registration, click Certificates & Secrets.

7. Create a new client secret.

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8. Set description and an expiration.

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9. Make sure to copy the client secret "Value" and set it aside. It will not appear again after you leave the Key settings.

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10. Under your Active Directory's main menu, go to Properties, copy the Tenant ID (a.k.a Directory ID), and set it aside.

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11. Now that you have created an Active Directory Application you will provide it with permissions. Under All Services, select Subscriptions. Choose the subscription you would like to provide Compute Software with a role in. In the Subscription menu select Access Control (IAM). Click Add and choose "Add role assignment." Depending on the level of integration, select either the Contributor or Reader Role. Leave "Assign access to" as is. Search for the name of the Active Directory Application you created in Step 4 and click Save.

Note: If your application does not appear in the Select autocomplete list enter the application name there anyway.

12. Navigate to you Subscription Overview page. Copy the Subscription ID and set it aside.

13. Navigate to the Admin -> Integrations page in the Compute Software Platform. Click on Add Integration.

14. Enter a Name for your integration, and select “Azure” as the Source. Paste your Tenant ID (a.k.a. Directory ID), Client ID, Subscription ID, and Client Secret.

Azure Integration

15. Click Add Integration, and your account will be connected to Compute Software.