Understanding Metrics on the Dashboard and Actions Items

The metrics on the Dashboard give you insight into the overall opportunity to improve cloud usage and spend, and the most important action items to work on.

On the Dashboard, you will find the % Optimal and Potential Net Value metrics.

% Optimal is your Current Effective Cloud Cost compared to the Ideal Effective Cloud Cost. Effective Cloud Costs are all costs attributable to cloud providers and non-perfect performance of the cloud, such as latency, wait time, and job failures. % Optimal is an indicator of how you are running today, and provides a tangible goal for what you can achieve.

Potential Net Value is the annualized effective cloud cost savings (Effective Provider Cost Savings plus Performance Cost Savings) from resolving all action items. Potential Net Value provides a tangible dollar-value goal for what you can achieve.

You will also get an overview of the total number of action items, how many are open, how many are in progress, and the action types to complete.

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