Views are a way for you to see information and action items by teams and business units, by environments, by accounts, by customers, by workloads, etc. You can save views and easily come back to these views every time you login.

Saving Views

Open the filters menu and select one or more filters. To save your selections as a new view, click on the button, “Save as new view.”

Save View

Selecting a View

Select the view you would like to see from the view dropdown. You may favorite a view to have it appear at the top of the view dropdown for easy access.

The corresponding filters selected for a view can be seen by opening the Filters menu on the left.

Select View

Managing Views

On the Views page under Settings, you can update the name of your view, favorite a view to appear at the top of the views dropdown in the main sections, enable Insights data for a view, and delete a view.