Compute Software Cloud Cost Optimization Platform

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The compute software difference

Better Data

Uses the importance of your workloads (Business Criticality), your workload characteristics (CPU, GPU, memory, storage, network, etc.), and flexible data analysis periods to inform your recommendations.

Accounts for every enterprise discount, commitment, reservation, sustained use discount, and burstable instance credit to maximize your resource utilization and cost savings.

Better Data

Better Algorithms

Makes future projections to understand your workloads and resource usage accurately using Machine Learning, expert systems, and predictive analytics.

Provides metrics and recommendations in terms of cloud provider costs, performance costs, and engineering costs, so you know exactly when and where cost savings tradeoff with performance.

Better Algorithms

Better Workflow

Prioritizes recommendations by business value and accounts for engineering costs so you can focus only on actions that matter.

Enables you to validate or invalidate action items through property groups, and track the resolution of actions across teams.

Better Workflow

Key Features

Multi-Cloud Support

Manage and optimize cloud costs across all three major cloud providers.

Executive Dashboard

Know where you are and where you should be. Get visibility into your provider, performance, and engineering costs.

Action Items

Get the deepest, most actionable recommendations prioritized by business value.


Apply your business objectives and workload characteristics to inform your recommendations.


See how your discounts are accounted for to ensure precise tradeoffs.


Simulate a change before you make it to understand the effect on your cloud costs.

Workflow Management

Validate, resolve, and track actions across your teams and measure business impact over time.

Real-Time Automation

Choose to turn on automation to aggressively manage your cloud resources and cloud costs in real-time.

Works With These Integrations And More

Connect your data, issue tracking tool, and infrastructure configuration tool through
these integrations and others, or use our APIs.

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