This site presents various legal resources. We offer our services with a commitment around security, privacy, uptime, and support.

  • Compute Software Services Terms and Conditions

    The terms that govern your subscriptions and customer success engagements.

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  • Customer Support Services Policy

    Compute Software's baseline tech support commitment to you related to the services.

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  • Service Level Standards

    Compute Software's baseline commitment to you regarding uptime of the service.

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  • Security Framework

    Compute Software's baseline commitment to you regarding the security measures in place to protect your data.

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  • Third-Party Service Providers (“Sub-processors”)

    The third-party service providers retained to enable a portion of the services.

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  • Privacy Policy

    Compute Software’s privacy policy, covering personal information provided to us through the corporate website and services.

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  • Data Processing Addendum

    This addendum represents our contractual commitment to our customers regarding data transfer and processing.

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  • Website Terms of Use

    The terms that govern using our corporate website.

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