Setting Properties to Finely Tune Optimizations

Properties can be set to inform the Compute Software platform of your workload characteristics, workload constraints, and business objectives. Properties ensure that your action items are finely tuned and actionable.

You can set a Property by tag, account, region, VPC, resource kind, resource ID, or any manner in which an individual resource or a group of resources can be identified. Once a Property is set, it is applied to the resource(s) identified.

See the full list of Properties currently available here. To change a Property, email us with your request, including the Property, its value, and the affected resources, at

The Performance Criticality Property

You can simulate a Performance Criticality property change from the Simulations tab of the action item overlay.

Select a Performance Criticality option and you will see your tasks update for the action item. Performance Criticality is a property that you set to indicate how significant of a tradeoff you are willing to make between workload performance and provider cost savings.

If Performance Criticality is set to Highly Critical, you will find any action items to be tuned toward performance versus cost savings. If Performance Criticality is Less Critical, you will find any action items to be tuned toward cost savings versus performance.

Example of Highly Critical: Highly Critical

Example of Less Critical: Less Critical

To change the value of the Performance Criticality Property (the default is set to Less Critical), email us with your request at

Watch this tutorial to learn more about Properties.